Born in Berkeley, California on December 27, 1922, and raised in San Francisco two blocks from the bay, Edward Heyman admits to a glorious childhood.  Of course, most of those early years were depression years.  Birthday and Christmas being so close usually meant gifts like two books or two roller skates.  (One for each foot)

Ed (his preference) joined the U.S. Marines after graduating from High School.  Almost four years later, Sgt. Heyman returned to San Francisco.  Two years at  San Francisco Jr. College; another year at the University of Southern California, and one more year at U.C. at Santa Barbara where he accepted a management training job.  Some years later, Ed opened his own business while simultaneously pursuing a law degree.  He passed the California Baby Bar examination and two years later qualified for the State Bar test, which he never tried.  By then he owned a successful marketing company.

He met and married his only love, Adele, while they were both students at Junior College.  Raised in big cities, they liked the small town life in Modesto where they raised their two sons, Richard and William.  A school teacher whose income kept them going while Ed’s business got under way, Adele eventually became very active in their business while donating considerable time as a volunteer.  She served on the Board of the Modesto branch of the Public Housing Authority for ten years. 

Ed retired at the age of 70 and soon discovered that retirement did not give him the mental stimulation he got from his years in business.  Then one day he recalled his education, a major in Journalism and English, and began writing his first book, Sail to a Future, originally based on his and Adele’s sailing experiences during their younger years.  Eventually he rewrote it as a novel, and in subsequent years turned out five more novels.  His sixth novel Our Sun Died, That Is Why We Are Here, was published July 29, 2013 for Kindle and other electronic readers and can be found in paperback at  

Ed passed away on February 20, 2015 after a long battle with an illness.  He leaves behind a legacy of family and friends and a life well lived.